Doomsday countdown begins one day before bizarre conspiracy says the world will end


TOMORROW marks the day that insane conspiracy theorists believe the world will end.

Unsubstantiated theories speculating about an apocalypse have gone viral after images of a German politician’s speech sparked widespread panic.


German politician Friedrich Merz caused panic after inadvertently referring to September 24 in a speechCredit: WELT
Social media users have speculated that the world will end


Social media users have speculated that the world will endCredit: Getty

In the clip shared online, Friedrich Merz said: “These 24e September will remain in our memories. In the future we will say: ‘I remember where I was that day’.

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But the politician meant February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine.

There’s no evidence that a global catastrophe will happen on September 24, but hysterical social media users have started counting down anyway.

One person said: “Zombies! I am so delighted. The end is Zigh (sic).”

Why September 24th conspiracy theorists fear Putin will launch nuclear weapons on the new Doomsday date

Another claimed unfounded: “I’m on good authority (source: The Simpsons) that Saturday is the day…not sure what time, maybe an early meal.”

While a third panicked: “Simpsons predicted September 24 as the end of the world. There could be a solar storm.”

And one social media user quipped: “I hope… [a] zombie apocalypse (lol).”

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Rumors of a solar flare or an intense burst of electromagnetic radiation in the sun’s atmosphere are also circulating online.

Solar flares usually pose no danger to humans, but conspiracy theorists argued that such an event would be quite different.

A solar flare caused radio interference in Africa and the Middle East last week, fueling fears.

A episode from The Simpsons that supposedly predicted that the world would end on September 24, 2022 has contributed to the frenzy.

The episode, titled “Homer Goes to Prep School,” shows Homer joining a survival group.

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“The apocalypse is coming. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe never, but it’s coming,” the cartoon dad tells Marge.

However, the show never mentioned the alleged doomsday.

The theory was spread after it was discovered that the episode number was 24/9, which has since been interpreted as September 24.

And conspiracy theory notes have also falsely claimed that Vladimir Putin would launch a nuclear weapon on September 24, unleashing World War III.

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Rumors circulated online after the unhinged tyrant announced a partial mobilization of troops in a desperate attempt to salvage Russia’s faltering war effort in Ukraine.

Putin threatened to destroy the West with nuclear weapons while horrifyingly warned “this is not a bluff”.


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