DOJ closes in on Trump as Peter Navarro subpoenaed to testify before 1/6 Grand Jury


At this point, many Democrats, Independents, and some Republicans (Cheney, Kinzinger, and certainly a few strangers) had little reason to believe that the Justice Department had any interest in prosecuting those who might have planned the bombing of the January 6 from inside the White House, or at least outside the Capitol. But a new development could signal the survey’s biggest expansion yet. Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro was called in to testify before a grand jury on Thursday.

Navarro was not in or around the Capitol on Jan. 6 and so his subpoena is the first to implicate someone not directly attacking the Capitol.

As TAUT Jeffery Toobin notes, expanding grand jury testimony represents a significant step toward Trump himself:

If in fact this is a grand jury subpoena for Peter Navarro to speak about what was happening in and around the White House on January 6, it would be a significant extension of that investigation. and one that is much closer to President Trump…

… But, it’s potentially, very important because, you know, there’s been a tremendous amount of frustration among people who are still angry about what happened on January 6 and that the department’s investigation of Justice seemed to be very limited only to people physically inside the capital or those directly related to them.

It is certainly true.

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“Whether the President and those around him broke the law by trying to nullify the election, which to our knowledge has not yet been investigated by the Ministry of Justice. But if the subpoena is what it appears to be, it would signal a significant expansion of the Justice Department’s investigation. We should know more if Peter Navarro files this lawsuit he claims to file – he would certainly join the subpoena as an exhibit at this trial. He says he’s going to table it today and we should find out more about what the Department of Justice continues to do.

It’s amazing that we’ve come this far and are finally – perhaps – on the brink of an investigation and prosecution for what many agree must have been a coordinated conspiracy inside the White House. Indeed, the whole “substitute voter” theory was discussed in the first week of November. This type of coordination is indicative of a kind of centralized planning. The Department of Justice must investigate how this plan evolved into a conspiracy that ended in the attack on the US Capitol, then prosecute any crimes they find, no matter how big the plot. .

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It’s amazing that it took so long, but it’s up to Merrick Garland and his advisers to see it through. Navarro may be the start.


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