COVID-19 delays Chris Dawson murder trial



The murder trial of teacher Chris Dawson has been suspended for a week after the Crown prosecutor contracted COVID-19.

Judge Ian Harrison agreed to delay the trial on Tuesday after being told that attorney Craig Everson SC had returned a positive test for the virus.

The hearing will continue next Tuesday.

Dawson, 73, is accused of killing his wife Lynette Dawson and disposing of her body in January 1982 so he could have an unimpeded relationship with one of his former students, known as of JC, while retaining assets including the family home in Bayview, Sydney.

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He pleaded not guilty to the murder charge.

Crown witnesses attempted to portray Dawson as a violent, controlling and abusive husband, with testimony that Mrs Dawson had been seen variously with a black eye and bruises around her throat, arms and chest. thigh.

Witnesses said they saw him bury his wife’s face in the dirt, slam her against a door frame and belittle her with slurs such as “fatso”.

Speaking from the witness box, JC claimed she drove Dawson to a building somewhere south of the Sydney Harbor Bridge where he tried to hire a hitman to get rid of his wife.

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She said she was moved to the Dawson family home in January 1982, where she was treated as a housekeeper, babysitter and sex slave.

JC and Dawson married in 1984 and separated in 1990.

The court also heard that Dawson allegedly threatened a high school student who asked JC out and told conflicting stories about his wife’s whereabouts after she disappeared.

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Dawson’s legal team argued the witnesses’ testimony was tainted because they talked about the case among themselves and listened The teacher’s pet podcast on the mystery surrounding Ms Dawson, arguing it was released assuming her husband was guilty.

They also argued that because these events happened four decades ago and memories have faded over time, the testimony given now is not an accurate depiction of what happened.

Dawson claims JC’s allegations are lies spurred by a bitter custody battle that occurred after their 1990 split.


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