Court documents: A quest to collect a debt led to a shooting at an apartment complex north of Spokane


May 30 – A Spokane man is charged with shooting a man twice with a .22 caliber rifle earlier this month in the parking lot of an apartment north of Spokane.

Steven M. Perry, 36, has been charged with suspicion of first degree assault, unlawful possession of a firearm in the first degree and possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, cocaine and LSD, according to a probable cause affidavit filed last week in Spokane County District Court. Perry was not checked into the Spokane County Jail on Friday.

Justin Anderson told deputies he drove, with Francisco Gutierrez, 44, as a passenger, in the early morning hours of May 20 to a parking lot in the 6300 block of North Howard Street, just north of Francis Avenue, to take a white BMW 330 Sedan from Perry to pay off a debt.

Anderson said in the affidavit that Gutierrez got out of the vehicle Anderson was driving and approached the BMW with a key fob. Perry, whom Anderson had met before, pulled into the parking lot and began shooting Gutierrez with a rifle, according to court documents.

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Anderson described the rifle as similar to an AK-47 with a foregrip and no stock, according to court records. Anderson said in the affidavit that Gutierrez fell to the ground in the apartment complex parking lot and Perry pointed the gun at Anderson while he was still seated in the driver’s seat.

Anderson drove off quickly, damaged his tire on a sidewalk and waited in the parking lot of a nearby bank, documents show.

Anderson testified in the affidavit that Perry shot Gutierrez several times, and that Gutierrez drove through the bank parking lot and got into the vehicle Anderson was driving. Anderson said he drove Gutierrez to Providence Holy Family Hospital, where Gutierrez was treated, records show.

Medical staff at the hospital told Detective Gutierrez he had two gunshot wounds, the injuries were life-threatening and he could lose a leg, the affidavit said. He was transferred to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.

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According to a press release from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, Gutierrez’s condition has stabilized.

A witness who lives on North Howard Street said he heard several gunshots that morning and saw his neighbor, whom he knows as “Steve”, come out of a Howard Street apartment carrying a rifle. AR-15 and a large bag, according to documents.

The witness said Steve said something like, “They were after me,” records show. He said he saw Steve get into a white BMW sedan and drive south on Howard Street.

A detective found three casings matching a handgun or .22 caliber rifle in the parking lot near the door of 6312 N. Howard St., Apartment B, where Perry lives, according to documents. Deputies found several bloodstains on the grass and in the nearby parking lot.

They also found tire tracks in the grass that matched a vehicle driving down a sidewalk and in the grass of the bank’s parking lot, records show. The detective said a gun found in the grass may have been dropped by Gutierrez as he fled. Detectives determined that the pistol was a stolen .45 caliber with no magazine or cartridge chambered.

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Detectives and deputies searched Perry’s apartment and found two more .22 caliber cartridge cases just inside the door. Inside Perry’s room they found ammunition, including .22 caliber bullets; pistol magazines; two rifle scopes; a .22 caliber revolver in a wall safe; meth, cocaine and LSD; cash; Balance; and packaging material for the administration of medication.

On May 21, an abandoned 2006 BMW 330 sedan, likely damaged by a bullet to the side of the vehicle, was found in an alley in the 2400 block of Wabash Avenue.

Perry is a convicted felon and has a warrant to escape from community custody for robbery and was also arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm, documents show.


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