Classes at Fond du Lac high school will resume on Wednesday, the day after the cancellation due to a threat of shooting on social networks


FOND DU LAC – Classes at Fond du Lac high school will resume on Wednesday after a threat of shooting canceled classes on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s cancellation came after students received a shooting threat at school via Snapchat on Monday, Superintendent Jeffrey Fleig said in a letter to parents.

Fleig said the cancellation was due to “late notice of the potential threat and events have occurred over the past two weeks.”

Fond du Lac police traced the threat to three students at Fond du Lac High School, as well as a male subject who was attributed with making the comment, police said Tuesday evening. After questioning the individuals, police determined that the threat was unfounded and that there was no evidence of danger.

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Police were notified of the threats around 3:30 p.m. Monday. Police say a female student said that while walking down a hallway on Thursday, she heard a male subject say he had a gun. The student said she did not see any weapons or hear any specific threats to harm anyone and did not report the comment to any staff or law enforcement. It came to the attention of police after a Snapchat circulated with the information on Monday.

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According to Fond du Lac Police, the police department continues to work closely with the Fond du Lac School District to provide security and will have an increased presence at all schools in Fond du Lac on Wednesday.

Police encourage students and families to immediately report any suspicious activity or potential acts of violence to authorities rather than spreading information to others.

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This article originally appeared on Fond du Lac Reporter: Fond du Lac high school classes canceled after shooting threat


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