Charge: Man drove twice the speed limit before crashing into a car in Plymouth


PLYMOUTH, Minnesota — According to the indictment, a 44-year-old man drove twice the speed limit in the moments before hitting another car in Plymouth, seriously injuring a woman who later died of her injuries.

Christoper Lee Keyes was charged in Hennepin County with one count of criminal vehicle murder. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years if convicted.

According to the indictment, officers arrived at 38th Avenue and 101 County Road on May 6. There they found Keyes in the driver’s seat of his Lexus. According to the officers, he looked dazed, but not handicapped.

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A Hyundai was pressed against a town hall and a woman was inside, unconscious.

Witnesses at the scene said they saw Keyes speeding and nearly hitting two cars when he changed lanes. A crash reconstruction specialist’s investigation concluded that Keyes was traveling between 87 and 97 mph in a 45 mph zone when he hit the brakes before crashing into the Hyundai.

The investigator “determined that the main factor contributing to this crash was the Lexus and its excessive speed at 2-2″ [sic] times the speed limit,” the indictment reads.

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The woman later died from the injuries she sustained.

Since November 2019, Keyes has had seven speeding violations, the indictment says.



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