Björk says ‘unfathomable’ violence in the US played a role in her return to Iceland


Björk has admitted that violence “on a scale I can’t even comprehend” played a role in her decision to leave the United States.

The Icelandic singer lived part-time in New York between 2002 and 2020 and left before the start of the pandemic.

The singer discussed her decision to leave the US and return to Iceland full-time in a new interview, saying gun violence had been a major contributor to the move.

“The violence in the US is on a scale I can’t even comprehend,” she said Pitchfork.

“And have a daughter who is half American in school [in New York]40 minutes from Sandy Hook.”

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In 2012, 26 people, including 20 children under the age of seven, were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, also killed his mother and shot himself as first responders arrived at the school.

Björk continued: “When we get here, I take in all of Iceland. If one person is killed in the north, we are all in pain. It’s an island mentality.

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“In the United States, all the violence was just too much for me because I was a simple islander.”

Bjork in 2012 (Getty Images)

The Sandy Hook shooting is in the news again as the second lawsuit against Infowars presenter Alex Jones began last week.

Jones and others appearing on the Infowars video channel falsely claimed for years that the massacre was a hoax, staged by crisis actors and the government to harm Americans’ rights to the Second Amendment.

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Jones has indicated that he will no longer hold that position and is expected to appear in court on Thursday (September 22).

Last year, Jones and Infowars were found default liable in a number of civil cases. The current process will only determine how much compensation he has to pay.


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