Asthmatic cat set to break Calgary rescue group record — and that’s not a good thing | Radio-Canada News


Meet Phaedra.

She’s about 4 and a half, she’s great with kids and dogs, and she’ll give you all the cuddles while you binge stranger things on Netflix.

But those close to him say that so far no one has seen his potential.

“I just hope there’s the right family out there who will give him a chance. His medical issues are very minimal and very easy to deal with and he’s honestly just a great cat,” Lisa Smith told TAUT News in an interview.

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“She would fit into many different homes and lifestyles.”

Need a few clicks on your social networks? Phaedra can help you. (James Young/TAUT)

Smith is a veteran foster home with the Calgary-based Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation. She nurtures Phaedra until that perfect home comes along.

But this domestic short-haired feline has been searching for the perfect home for more than two years, approaching the all-time record of the foundation.

“The longest cared for cat we’ve had in recent years was around two years, five months. Phaedra is at two years, four months. So she’s about to break the record, unfortunately,” said said director of communications Roisin Kerr.

Phaedra is playful and cuddly. (James Young/TAUT)

Phaedra suffers from asthma, which can be triggered by stress or anxiety. But it’s manageable with an inhaler, and once she’s comfortable in a space, the attacks lessen.

His anxiety led to over-grooming, but the medications helped.

She likes the scene for herself when it comes to other cats, but enjoys the company of dogs.

“She was fired very shortly after being adopted, and then she had one or two more applications, but without success,” Smith lamented.

Phaedra is great with kids and dogs but doesn’t like cats. She’ll cuddle you for hours while you binge on Netflix. (Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation)

Kerr says it’s just a matter of connecting a good home with a great cat.

“We are looking for someone who is truly special. They are willing to commit to a cat who may need a little more than an ordinary cat. She has a wonderful personality. She is a beautiful cat , so the doctor is pretty minor, so we just hope we can find a house that’s willing to ignore that and put in the effort and unfortunately the extra costs that come with it,” Kerr said.

“But she’s a great cat and she’s worth it.”


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